Fallout 76 (in 2022) Review (Game Pass, PSPlus) – Almost Heaven, Fallout Series?

Fallout 76 (in 2022) Review (Game Pass, PSPlus) – Almost Heaven, Fallout Series?

Available on Xbox (Game Pass), Playstation (PS+) and PC

Bethesda skipped Fallouts 5-75 and jumped straight to 76, the maximum number of players on the game before the server crashes.

I kid I kid, but is this multiplayer, games-as-service take on the Fallout franchise worth playing now in 2022?

Also this review is way over three minutes, whoops.

To clarify some questions from the comments:

– I played through the entirety of F76, including beating the “final boss” (Scorched Beast Queen), and doing a lot of the endgame stuff to optimize my build. I ended around level 105 (mostly by hopping on for the double xp weekend back in May)

– This channel is me reviewing games I play through and beat so I can then review them. If I hadn’t spent the time with Fallout 76 I wouldn’t have reviewed it. I have no obligation to review it, it was done because it was a game I played all the way through.

– I only show early game content in this review because people have commented previously about avoiding spoilers.

– Level 50 does change the game up as you transition to “endgame” in terms of the game getting easier and finding legendary loot, finalizing builds, etc. I didn’t go into depth on it in this review aside from mentioning it was better than the early game because it takes like 10-20 hours to get to level 50, and that was the worst part of the game for me.

– On that note, this review was intended for me to give my opinion if somebody who hadn’t played F76 at all should give it a shot in 2022. While the community is great and the endgame stuff fun enough, because of the time it takes to get and how tedious the early game is was the reason for the final score. Again, I thought this was clear in the review itself, but if it wasn’t I’m clarifying here.

– If you like Fallout 76, that’s fantastic. My review shouldn’t take away from your fun. This isn’t a “hate review” or a review made because I played it for five minutes and quit. I spent a lot of time in the game and engaging with the community because I knew if I was going to review the game for the channel I wanted it to be fair, and also I genuinely wanted to like the game. It turned out the game wasn’t for me, even after all that time, but if it works for you then go play and enjoy it, I’m glad you have fun.

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